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Why should I repair rather than replace?

Fiberglass Bathtub and Shower Repairs:

Let The Tub Doctor, Inc repair your chipped and cracked fiberglass bathtubs and showers. We will repair and restore the surface making it beautiful again. We strictly use coatings and other products directly from the bathtub/shower manufacturers to keep your warranty intact.


The Tub Doctor, Inc. will repair a small chip or scratch, as well as large cracks and holes in the floors and sidewalls of your bathtub or shower unit. Repairing before the problem gets too big ensures that no other damage will be done to your home and keeps water from leaking into the underneath of the unit.


Repairing will save thousands over replacement costs and with no demolition hassles and messes. Replacing means weeks of construction and mess, disrupting your lifestyle and costing thousands of dollars.


ADA Bars and Tub Cuts:

The Tub Doctor, Inc. can add ADA bars to your tub or shower area as well as tub cuts in fiberglass and steel enamel bathtubs.  The tub cut/step through allows you to use your existing tub as a shower stall without having to lift your legs over the high apron of most common tubs. Stay in your home longer with this added convenience and spare the expense of a total bathroom remodel. 


Terrazo Bases can be easily repaired with our proven method. Whether it is a small chip or a crack, let The Tub Doctor, Inc. repair your Terrazo and avoid costly and messy replacement. 

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